FIFA's Ethics Committee bans Caribbean Football Union's president for 6 years

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Alexander Hassenstein – FIFA / FIFA / Getty

Gordon Derrick, the Caribbean Football Union’s president and Antigua and Barbuda Football Association’s general secretary, was rejected by FIFA once again.

On Tuesday, the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s independent Ethics Committee announced that Gordon is banned for six years from all football-related activities – administrative, sports, or any other – at both the national and international levels. The investigations concerning the CFU’s president focused on “alleged conflicts of interest, offering and accepting gifts and other benefits, mismanagement of funds, abuse of position and disloyalty.” He was also fined CHF 30,000.

In 2016, Derrick wasn’t allowed to run for CONCACAF’s presidency after FIFA rejected him during an integrity check. Football’s governing body said that he wasn’t eligible to take on its vice-presidency, a role that comes with being the head of CONCACAF.

Derrick replaced Jack Warner, the disgraced executive who was banned from football-related activities for life, as the CFU’s president in 2012.

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